Amateurs Advancing Paleontology

has the following goals.

  • Advance the body of knowledge of Paleontology.

  • Facilitate the collaboration of amateur and professional paleontologists.

  • Obtain and provide subject matter and resources for professional journal publication.

  • Support graduate study in Paleontology.

  • Inspire and encourage amateur paleontologists

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Areas within :

Fossils On File     Hey Fossil Collectors! Got a fossil you'd like someone to use in a paper or professional research? Have you been hesitant to deposit your specimen in a museum collection because you don't want it sitting for years on a dusty collections department shelf before it is discovered and studied? Send us a picture and description of your fossil. Paleontologists are often interested in new topics to publish and this site is a great place for your specimen to be seen.

The Wish List    Hey Paleontologists! Tap the vast population of amateurs who are out there in the field. Are you studying a hard-to-find type of fossil and need more specimens in your comparisons? Post your request to our Wish List. There may be amateur paleontologists and fossil collectors out there who have encountered just what you need.

Mystery Fossils     Got a fossil that defies identification? Post a picture and description here. Maybe someone will be able to identify it. And if not, perhaps your specimen deserves closer scientific study! Grad Students! Would you like to solve a mystery and publish your findings? Have a crack at these Mystery Fossils.

Help Wanted     Need volunteers to prepare specimens or organize collections? Need people to assist in field work? Post your request here. is a cross-roads for collaboration between amateur and professional paleontologists and is, therefore, an excellent place to find the help you need.

Research Funding    Need funding for your professional or academic paleontological research project? Here is a list of links to funds that may contribute financially to your project.

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Bill Heimbrock, Amateur Paleontologist and Moderator