The Paleontological Research Award. The Dry Dredgers provide funding to support paleontological research intended for publication. Special consideration will be given to projects involving one or both of the following: (1) fossils of the late Ordovician, and in particular, the Cincinnati Series; and (2) fossils in the vicinity of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Geological Society of America. GSA offers many grants to undergraduate, graduate and post doctoral  research, including the Roy J Shlemon Award, The Medlin Award, the Gladys W. Cole Memorial Research Award, the W. Storrs Cole Memorial Research Award and many others. 

The Paleontological Society. The Paleontological Society invites applications from student members and members with postdoctoral research appointments for a limited number of $500 grants to support research in any field or aspect of paleontology.

The Field Museum The Field Museum offers a number of grants to visiting scientists and students. Grants are open on a competitive basis to all individuals in the national and international scholarly community working on problems related to natural history.

The Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS), an amateur society in Denver, Colorado, provides for up to $250 for paleontological research. The applicant must be a WIPS member prior to applying. This costs $18 for the year.

If you are aware of a fund that is not on this list, please forward the Web address or address/phone to Bill Heimbrock at Thank you.