Bill Heimbrock

The fossil hash is dominated by gastropod steinkerns,  bryozoan steinkerns and cyclocystoid plates. Less common are pelecypod steinkerns, annelid worm tube steinkerns  and brachiopod steinkerns.

Gastropod Steinkerns

Cyclora minuta and other gastropods.

Bryozoan Steinkerns

I'm not sure of the genera of these bryozoans, but the preservation is unique because the zoecia are preserved as rods rather than as holes. 

Worm Tube Steinkerns

Internal molds of the annelid worm tube, Cornulites.

Pelecypod Steinkerns

Nuculites, Cycloconcha and/or Lyrodesma.

Brachiopod Steinkerns

Zygospira is the only brachiopod recognizable as a steinkern in this micromorph assemblage. 

Echinoderm plates

Crinoid columnals and fragments are abundant.

Cyclocystoid plates are unusually abundant. Most of them are Zygocycloides.

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