Diana Davey

Tooth of an American Mastodon - Mammut americanum

My name is Diana Davey. I am a high school teacher at Pontotoc High School in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Recently my student, Adam Gregory, brought a rather large tooth to school to show me. I don't really know if anyone would be interested in the tooth or not. It has a section of bone attached that is breaking away slowly. Adam is interested in some information on the specimen if you might be able to help him.

The fossil was found in Pontotoc County at the bottom of a creek bed. Adam says that the creek bed had approximately 15 foot banks. He found the specimen between two adjacent farm fields.

Moderator's note: This tooth has been identified by Dr. Glenn Storrs, Vertebrate Curator of the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science. It is an unworn molar of an American Mastodon, Mammut americanum (genus and species). It's a beauty! Nice find Adam!

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Moderator's note: This is a fabulous tooth, Adam! Nice going!.

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